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Hi! My name is Niki and I am a wife, mother of three children, and the founder of Sheer Joy Affairs. I earned my BA degree in Psychology from Salisbury University. I refer to myself as a social wild card because I moved around so often as a child I adopted a lot of different cultural influences. I love seafood (never fried), brunches (with mimosas), dancing (my only workout), and experiencing new things.

In the workforce, I held many different service positions that prepared me for this role before knowing I was headed for it. Before July of 2016, I wasn’t convinced planners were a necessity. As a bride, I wanted to focus on the budget and didn't want to lose a dime. So I dug my heels in and set out to plan my wedding solo. 

It was enjoyable and exciting at first; visiting venues, tastings, shopping, and obsessing over details. However, on the day I should’ve been enjoying being around my loved ones, I was stressing out in coordinator mode. My phone rang non-stop and I had to problem-solve things I couldn’t see. Time flew by, and because of the distractions, I missed those moments that I looked forward to. My biggest disappointment (among many) was not having my mother help me into my dress.

Praying others learn from my mistakes, I always share the pitfalls of not hiring a (professional) planner/coordinator. As a romantic, weddings are where I find sheer joy. During the planning of a wedding, we embrace the offbeat- because positive vibes make for a positive outcome!